What Should You Choose? The Difference Between Asphalt Shingles And Slate Tiles

A worker replace shingles on the roof of a home repairing the roof of a home

Asphalt shingles or slate Tiles? i get it, your home is an amazing investment. Your home features everything you may hold dear. Rightfully so- you want to invest in roofing material that will protect your home. Thankfully, we want to show you what solutions are best. We want you to be informed so you know that you made the right decision.

Commonalities & Differences

Asphalt shingles and slate tiles share one major benefit- They will weatherproof your home! that’s pretty much it when it comes to similarities but differences is another story. First thing to consider between the two options is pricing…There is an initial cost and long-term costs of installation, maintenance, upkeep, and replacement. Living on a budget? Asphalt Shingles is your excellent choice. Can last for you upto 20 years before needing replacement & have cheaper installation costs. Slate Tiles on the other hand can last up-to 100 years so you only need to install these once in your life. Making Slate Tiles the obvious choice for longterm decisions.


Asphalt Shingles have a simpler installation process and way less. Making them cheaper to install & the materials costs less. overall making it an ideal purchase if you are not planning to own you home. However the Slate roof installation method s an intimidating endeavor with heavy materials and longer process. thankfully our team is capable of delivering the expertise needed for your home’s slate installation.


Slate tile roofing is widely considered the more luxurious approach but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful asphalt shingled roof. We believe that you can’t really go wrong with either option for your roof. It really depends on your preference & that’s why we are here to help. Make your ideal choice with iRoof Pros in Alabama. fill out our contact form below to get started!

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