Decisions: Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

roof repair or replacment

Roof Repair or Roof placement?

As homeowners, we are always checking to make sure our home is in good condition. Unfortunately, sometimes our homes need some patchwork, repairs, or replacements done which costs money! This includes your roof! Roofs can be pesky as they take the brunt of damages due to environmental factors and aging. It is important to know what the appropriate response is to repairing a roof. Sometimes, it’s a quick fix and you can do a little patchwork to get your home back to normal. 

While other situations call for more serious repairs or even a full replacement. Now the key, and difficult part, is deciding when the solution is the best. You wouldn’t want to replace a whole roof for a minor problem, but you also don’t want to do the minimum to your roof when it needs a full replacement. Making educated decisions is key to saving you time, money, and future hassle. So keep on reading to find out what you should be doing. 

Basic Warning Signs

You need to know and pay attention to the basic warning signs to help you determine whether you need simple patchwork done, more complex repairs, or a full roof replacement. Whether this is for commercial roofing, industrial roofing, or residential roofing, these signs can be used for all! Here are some common issues as well as issues specific to certain types of roofing material:

  • Rotting 
  • Warped roof
  • Roof leaking 
  • Sunlight coming through into attic
  • Discoloration/Fading
  • Moss, algae, or fungi
  • Shingle Roof
    • Shingles that are cracked, missing, or curling
    • Raised shingles. 
    • Shingle pieces in gutters
  • Metal Roof
    • Metal roofs oil canning. 
    • Scuffed and scratched metal roofs 
    • Metal roof corrosion 
  • Slate Roof
    • Missing or slipped slates
    • Broken slates
    • Nail sickness (corrosion)
  • Clay Tiles
    • Broken tiles
    • Loose tiles
    • Corrosion or cracking

Roof Repairs and Patchwork

If you notice some damage on your roof, don’t panic! It might be possible for the problem area to get fixed without having it entirely replaced. For example if only one shingle is missing due a fallen branch or a leak localized to one area- they’ll still need some patching or repairs instead of replacing. It would be premature to do a full replacement unless there are signs that indicate larger problems such as leaks from different locations around an entire building façade.The bad news: Every house needs a new Roof eventually  The good news? Sometimes it’s easy and inexpensive to actually getting patches done where needed so long as these issues stem solely out of small areas.

Roof Replacement

So, you notice your roof is showing some wear and tear? It might be time to replace that old shingle! Age can take its toll on any structure in a house. If there are large amounts of missing tiles or hail-damaged ones left standing after storms; it may mean the end for this home’s integrity as well since more damage has already been done than what was originally expected by weathering alone 

Other indicators that your roof needs to be replaced are sagging, dirty and damaged gutters. If you notice large amounts of missing shingle debris clogging up the gutter then it’s time for an upgrade! Are some or all those nails coming out? This could also mean there’s something wrong with how support their weight during rainy days so make sure this doesn’t happen by hiring professionals who will take care from start-to finish

If you’re really not sure about what measures to take, iRoof has got you covered! We specialize in all Roof Repairs and roof replacements! Our will identify the exact source of your problem and find the best and most affordable solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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